Pan American Health Organization paving the way for COVID-19 vaccination in the Americas

© WHO / PAHO On 16 March 2021 Nicaragua received 135 000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine through COVAX.
School children march through the streets of Mexico on National Vaccination Day, 15 March 1986 carrying banners in favour of polio immunization. © WHO / Liba Taylor
Fabian Mauricio Niño Terraza, coordinator of the vaccination site, talks to PAHO/WHO Advisor in Family, Gender and Life Course Dr Ivy Lorena Talavera at a “pop-up” COVID-19 vaccination site in the indigenous community of Concordia, Colombia on 16 March 2021. © WHO / Blink Media — Nadège Masseurs
  • Assisting countries in understanding and preparing to meet the COVAX requirements, including financial, legal, programmatic, regulatory, among others.
  • Updating countries about market dynamics and financial projections to estimate their investment in COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Forecasting and securing supplies related to vaccine administration, such as syringes and safety boxes.
  • Ensuring that routine immunization programmes are able to continue safely.
  • In those cases where bridge funding is required to access COVID-19 vaccine doses in a timely manner, the Revolving Fund is working with countries to extend financial credits.
  • Channelling down payments to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for countries with administrative restrictions.
  • International bidding and joint tender with UNICEF, establishing long-term agreements with suppliers to issue price estimates, purchase orders and requisitions in record time.
  • Coordinating and monitoring international logistics for 36 countries in the Americas region.
Rajwantee Lutchman, a registered nurse, administers COVID-19 vaccine to the recipient as part of a vaccination drill conducted on 6 March 2021 at the Siparia District Health Facility in Trinidad and Tobago. © WHO / Blink Media — Kibwe Brathwaite




Official Medium channel of the World Health Organization, the United Nations' health agency

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World Health Organization

World Health Organization

Official Medium channel of the World Health Organization, the United Nations' health agency

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